Advisory & Advocacy

To support & engage government leadership in effective policy making and driving implementation of government led programs

Three principles of Advisory & Advocacy Pathway

6 / 8 Govt Resolutions drafted, were passed

300+ hours of advisory support Nashik CSR-NGO Collective



 Co-creating government programs by leveraging existing resources.

Multiplier Effect


Working on capacity building of officers and teachers, so as to multiply their impact

Rooted on ground


Continuously incorporate the learnings from our existing and past projects into our future programs


Maharashtra + Nashik ZP Advocacy PMU

Support the system leaders at School Education Dept, SCERT, & Nashik ZP, by providing contextualised advisory & implementation support


Leveraging technology to give students and teachers access to high quality teaching and learning resources

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Students, Teachers, Officers of PMC, Nashik ZP & SCERT Maharashtra

Student Interns of Symbiosis Photography School