Driving learning equity and social equity in high-need communities

Panaah Communities

Building Resilient Communities & Empowering Stakeholders


Panaah Communities is an initiative to build resilient communities that refuse to let children down. Our two-fold approach is towards driving learning and social equity in high-need communities. We run community centres and drive community mobilisation from within the communities.


At Panaah Communities, we believe that any way to sustain change in learning or any other social indicator can only be achieved through empowering community stakeholders. Our mission is to build resilient communities that refuse to let children down. We believe that it is crucial to drive two pillars, learning and social equity, within them. 


We have a two-fold approach - Running community centres that become centres of change and excellence. Secondly we work towards building community mobilization which has programs to mobilise parents to advocate for quality education; Programs to create awareness about welfare benefits from the government. 

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Our Approach


We run programs for reducing dropout rates & providing access to holistic development opportunities for children to build them into strong individuals who contribute towards nation building by driving learning equity. As parents and families play a crucial role in a child's education and upbringing, we work with them to build financial and digital literacy skills.


Our intervention with parents is rooted in developing them as excellent parents through our Effective parenting program. Building employability is a crucial aspect of driving social equity. Our work is to map community members with partners that would help them build on this aspect. 


The idea of Panaah is deeply rooted in sustainable change, which is only possible if community members, young adults, students, and parents are anchored and trained to co-create and co-implement. Our hope is for them to do problem-solving and solution building alongside team Panaah to ensure this program implementation includes 60% program delivery through/ with people from the community.

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