Foundational Literacy & Numeracy (FLN) Mission

Supporting the state to ensure that all students in Maharashtra from ages 0 to 9 meet the foundation literacy and numeracy goals

Promoting Computer Science &
21st century Skills

The project started off by by the central government releasing the NIPUN Bharat document which had the guidelines to implement FLN mission in respective states. They had clear guidelines for all levels to make the mission successful. Maharashtra state decided to launch their state wide mission aligned to this and contextualize the guidelines from the centre to the needs of the state. The state was expected to make arrangements for the Budget from the Samagra and STARs funds and submit a 5 year planning document to the centre.

About the Partnership

Leadership For Equity (LFE) & Pi-Jam Foundation (PJF) in partnership with Amazon India CSR is committed to creating opportunities that foster 21st-century skills like critical thinking and problem-solving for underserved children in government schools of Maharashtra through the Amazon Future Engineers Program.

We aim to build essential digital skills that prepare students to become a part of the creative and empowered workforce of the future. We believe this can be achieved by a multipronged approach that balances student learning outcomes and scale.

LFE’s systems change approach to scale innovations coupled with PJF’s technical expertise to support high-quality pedagogy and training enables us to create a robust ecosystem that inspires students to try Computer Science and coding. By incorporating state partnerships, cultivating educators, leveraging technology and continuing to build on the grassroots proof points, we can build a scalable & affordable learning ecosystem for Computer Science Education in Maharashtra.

Our Approach

The entire transformation will be based on 4 pillars of success