Supporting Andhra's Learning Transformation (SALT)

Transformation of the educational landscape by overcoming learning, teaching, and leadership challenges prevalent in the system

About the Project

The Government of Andhra Pradesh is committed to bringing a transformative shift in the existing education system built on the foundational pillars of quality, equity, access, affordability and accountability. 

Supporting Andhra’s Learning Transformation (SALT) in collaboration with the World Bank, is a brainchild of this idea which aims to transform foundational learning in all the government schools and improve quality of student-teacher interaction in classrooms, and strengthen institutional capacity in Andhra Pradesh.

The project has four key focus areas, one of which is teacher training and support improvement for incorporating classroom best-practices. LFE is a technical partner for implementing programs under this vertical. 

About the Partnership

LFE is one of the technical partners for Project SALT, our work is focussed on strengthening teacher training and support structures and assisting the Department of School Education, Andhra Pradesh

Our Approach

​​Co-working with Department of School education in creating effective in-service teacher training programs and digitizing the TEACH Tool (classroom observation tool) to support the system with needs of teacher and provide necessary assistance. Additionally, we are also working towards developing high quality student and teacher content on online learning platform.

Our Approach

The entire transformation will be based on 4 pillars of success