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District Education Reform 

Building capacity of middle management officers in the Education Department to design and implement effective programs for student learning materials, teacher development & parent engagement.

About the Project


Our district reform initiatives are being implemented across five districts of Maharashtra in collaboration with the respective Zilla Parishad (District Development Council).


The project aims to build the capacity of multi-cadre education officers for strengthening teacher training and support models and effectively implementing state-level education policies and programs. 

Our Approach

The project will impact 2000+ middle-level officers to effectively influence the teaching-learning practices of 150,000+ teachers across Maharashtra. Using a ‘training and co-working approach, Leadership For Equity builds the capacity of these officers to effectively design and implement collaborative teacher development models such as the Shikshan Parishad. 

Through a combination of online and in-person training, officers are also trained in the necessary skills to run educational programs and build effective student learning materials and improve parent engagement. 

Through this systemic approach, the project aims to improve the well-being and learning outcomes of 34.5 lakh students across Maharashtra.


Our Reach

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Our Partners

Government Partners

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Program & Funding Partners

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Officers Impacted


Teacher Mentors Influenced


Teachers Influenced

3.6 Lacs+



Project Reports

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