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To enable Field Officers to design and implement effective academic and administrative programs

LFE wants to co-create programmes with the government department to ensure
  • The officers feel motivated, engaged and aligned with policies and processes.

  • The officers take ownership and drive effective academic improvement programs to support the structures.

  • The teachers are effective leading to improved classroom practices the education programs are effective, thus leading to improved student learning outcomes.


​Professional Development Forums

Training & Workshops

A periodic structure where officers regularly meet to build a sense of community working towards a common goal through sharing their successes and struggles, reflecting on them, and problem-solving together through knowledge and skill development sessions. 

Content Design & Creation

Online training content creation for officers on 'Team Management'. 'Monitoring & Evaluation' & 'Online Course creation' have been created in close partnership with SCERT, and are ready to be rolled out through different modalities.

Massive Open Online Webinars

Periodic virtual sessions conducted with education experts, administrative and political leaders, celebrities from the sports and entertainment industries, and health practitioners. Officers across the state attend virtual sessions either on WebEx / Zoom & Facebook live platforms.


MSCERT Strengthening & Officers Capacity Building Project Reports 

Providing strategic guidance in developing program design & monitoring evaluation for academic institutions & Building capacity of field officers (OD + PD)

Blended Teacher Training through Officers Capacity Building Project Reports

Supporting the Government departments by hand-holding, coaching and training the officers to launch blended training programs for teachers at scale

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