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Program Evaluation

Systemic Reform & Teacher Support for Tribal Schools in Maharashtra

Suggestions for Improving Assessments of Learning and Training Effectiveness 

Analysis of validity and reliability of feedback data in professional training sessions of public department officials. 


A variety of training is conducted for the professional development of officers, teacher mentors, and teachers from the government sector, all aiming to achieve equity in public education. As a general practice, feedback responses from all these participants of training and sessions are collected at the end of the training, with the help of feedback forms. An overall observation of the data shows a skewed distribution with a highly positive clustering of responses in the data.


The prevalence of prolonged skewed distribution of positive responses made us highly curious about the reliability and validity of the data. Can there be a possibility that our data is biased? What could be the factors influencing our data quality? Is our style of asking feedback questions leading participants to respond in a particular way?

To investigate these questions about the reliability and validity of the data as well as the style used for asking questions, we designed a study that aims to understand the degree and source of bias in all the kinds of data received from the surveys, as well as analyze and devise ways in which the bias in the data can be reduced or controlled.

Evaluation Study: Teaching with Technology 

Teaching with technology (TWT) program run by LFE (2019-2021) focused on introducing a one to one tech variant model that aims to improve learning gaps of students by leveraging technology in the classroom. The teaching with technology program combines One to one ICT model with certain classroom and teacher support practices to integrate technology in public school classrooms.


This document presents some findings with regards to the program’s impact from the perspective of teachers. The objective here is to investigate the impact of the TWT program on teacher practices and resulting change in classroom culture.


Evaluation of Technology based intervention in Public schools of Nashik Zilla Parishad

LEAD Rapid Impact Evaluation

Internal evaluation study to understand applicability of course concepts on processes and teacher programs


LEAD (Leadership Enhancement and Academic Development) Program offers officers capacity development courses. In 2021-22, three courses were offered 342 officers were certified in one or more courses. The program offers blended learning courses that combine pre-recorded videos with PLC (peer learning communities) meetups. This is a certification program offered in collaboration with MIEPA.


As part of internal efforts to track impact, a rapid evaluation study was conducted with a sample of officers. The objective was to understand the extent to which officers were able to apply the concepts from the course as part of their job roles after course completion. This report details findings from this study. 

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