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Pathways to Impact

Building System Leaders

In order to improve teacher capacity, we co-create low-cost and replicable models for teacher mentor and officer development. Over the last 4 years, LFE has built the capacity of 1290+ system leaders, and 33,200+ teachers to impact
1.4 million students in Maharashtra.

Building System Leaders

Teacher-Mentor Development

Through Teacher Mentors, Teachers will:

  • Develop mastery in content and pedagogy for Foundational Literacy & Numeracy. 

  • Create new-age learning experiences (SEL+ Life Skills) for students.

  • Integrate technology into classroom instruction & practices.

  • Focus on peer-mentors, coaching and support, online content and webinars.

Officer Development

Through Field Officers, we wish to:

  • Integrate Teacher development models among different academic institutions at district & state level.

  • Cultivate Technology Usage + Program Design + Implementation, Organisational Skills and Personal Values among officers.

  • Support through Online Courses, PLCs, On-the-Job Support, and Individual Coaching.


Influencing System Processes

Undertaking Research and Advisory initiatives for institutional capacity and building trust in public systems.

Influencing System Processes

Research & Monitoring

  • Undertake publications in partnership with Governments & Foundations highlighting systemic insights in education.

  • Develop and disseminate research-based insights focused on systems thinking approach and innovations in the domain of 'educational governance', 'middle management capacity', 'teacher capacity'.

  • The institutionalisation of Teacher & Officer Development Models in Government systems.

  • On-Demand support to senior leadership on academic policies, institutional strengthening, governance processes, low-touch program implementation support.

  • Scaling Partner Innovations.


Advisory & Advocacy


Our Impact

Get an insight into our milestones and achievements through the years.

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