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Research & Monitoring

To develop and disseminate high impact, research based insights focused on systems thinking approach and innovations in the domain of 'educational governance', 'middle management capacity', 'teacher capacity' in service of empowering public education systems.

Our work aims to…

We aim to influence the public discourse on the value of education system and its relation to an equitable society, by creating knowledge products in the form of reports, news articles or blogs and podcasts. By backing our efforts with data and rooting our actions in the existing pool of knowledge, we strike a chance to validate the models we are working on, produce unique knowledge which documents the challenges within the system and leverage research to answer questions about the efficacy of possible solutions.  In doing so LFE envisions to become a thought leader while producing rigorous research and policy recommendations across the sector, with the key connecting factor being social/educational equity and engagement of various components of the government/public systems. In line with our larger objective, the short term benefits of our work will be in the form of a consolidated knowledge base, measurement of our impact and contribution towards building organisation's credibility in the sector.

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