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Laying New Grounds on School and Family Engagement 

School and Family Engagement

A collaboration with The Brookings Institute to build strategies on family and school engagement. 


The Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution, a research organization in Washington, DC, undertook a global study on family engagement in their children’s education, specifically in relation to teaching and learning practices at school. Through surveys, focus groups, and case studies, the study explored perceptions and beliefs around what makes for a quality education. The culminated into a playbook showcasing data from multiple countries, and shedding light on innovative family and school engagement strategies.


In India, CUE  collaborated with LFE’s research team, to carry out the surveys and focus group discussions. Through this continued collaboration,  we are also piloting some of the tools developed as part of the playbook, and engaging with our jurisdiction leaders to help to enable parents to better support their children’s learning; teachers and schools to better understand the perspectives of parents and develop more effective ways of collaborating; and policymakers who seek to transform education in their jurisdiction to more effectively work with parents in the effort.

Research Partners

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