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Social Emotional Learning at Scale

Measurement of SEL at Scale and Readiness Frameworks

Student Well Being Policy,
Measurement and Implementation

Analysis of current Policy Outlook and System

Readiness Framework

This policy brief provides an overview of existing policies and summarizes the current understanding and recommendation for integration of well being goals in state programs.
Here as recommendations we present practical tools. We present a readiness framework to be used to assess readiness to implement student well-being programs and provide strategic direction in moving ahead.


Through this document we aim to describe the current conditions with respect to policy and policy recommendations in literature. Our aim is to comment on the current scenario, to provide background that can suggest directions for immediate future work, for improvement in implementation practice and support, where civil society organizations can work together with the public sector.

Tool for Measuring Student Well Being at Scale 

After prolonged and frequent school closures for almost two years, children have finally returned to school. However, these school closures and other effects of the pandemic are likely to have negatively impacted their learning levels and emotional well-being. In a study on school closures in Maharashtra, parents and teachers reported concerns about students’ emotional well-being, with as many as 91% of parents reporting their children have become increasingly restless at home.


Several studies show that children and young people are among the most susceptible to crises (such as the pandemic)  because of their “lack of agency and, more importantly, because of the sensitive developmental milestones they must achieve during those years.” 



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