Wendy Kopp

Founder & CEO
Teach For All

I’ve been inspired to see your journey, always driven by your commitment to equity and to system transformation so that future generations of children will have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.  Beyond helping to fuel the movement to reimagine education in India, and you’ve inspired and informed our global movement to build the collective leadership necessary to ensure all children have the education, support and opportunity to shape a better future.  Thank you for your relentless optimism, your collaborative spirit, your learning orientation, your determination to realize our shared vision.  It is an honour to work alongside you!

Rati Forbes

Forbes Marshall LTD

It has truly been a pleasure working with the LFE team - their approach to strengthening the government school ecosystem, by working with key stakeholders within the system is the way to go - it's a daunting task which many have not wanted to pursue, but they have stayed true to their mission.
Their openness to learn and change, the strong bonds they have established at all levels and with varied stakeholders, the diverse competencies and skills of their team have helped them achieve impact in multiple ways.
Wishing them many successes
and even greater reach and impact in the years ahead.

Vishal Solanki

Education Commissioner 
Government of Maharashtra

Within this short span of time,
LFE has made a significant impact in school education of Maharastra through its policy advocacy, sharing technical expertise and becoming a valuable partner of MSCERT for the professional development of officers, staff and teachers. With able leadership and energetic young team, LFE will soon expand its footprint across India.
What better time to grow for LFE than these Covid times where EQUITY issues relating to our kids are of paramount importance.
Best wishes to LFE family for a great year ahead!

Anu Aga

Former Member of Parliament
Chairperson- Thermax  Foundation

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Vivek Ragavan

R.G Manudhane Foundation

The LFE team has tackled the difficult task of improving the quality of the public education system for the benefit of all the children enrolled in this system. While many other NGOs that are in the education field shun the public system and try to create donor funded private or semi private alternatives, which are inherently not scalable, the LFE team has decided to systematically improve the public system in partnership with the state education departments. I have been amazed with the passion, professionalism and effectiveness of the LFE team in tackling this difficult problem. Their efforts have led to many successes in the state of Maharashtra that can be replicated nationwide.

Vandana Krishna

Add. Chief Secretary - Education
Government of Maharashtra 

I’m grateful to LFE for their ongoing support to the Government of Maharashtra in the field of education policy and practice. LFE has been supporting quality improvement in the school education of Maharastra for more than three years now and has been a credible thought partner for our department's officers at all levels. My best wishes to LFE the years ahead and a bright future.