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Building Public Education
Systems that refuse to
let children 

We are a systems change and advisory organization. 

In our two-fold approach to change, we build the capacity of government system leaders and we influence system processes. In partnership with the local and state education bodies, we co-create programs that shift teaching-learning practices and improve student learning and well-being. This work coupled with our research and advisory support to influence policies, we hope to create effective public education systems in India.

What do we do?

The problems 
we solve

We solve systemic problems with systemic solutions.

Capacity gap of system leaders to design & implement teacher support programs

The Academic bodies (SCERT & DIETs) on average have 30% vacancy and 40% of existing staff are less than qualified.

Source: 2012 CSTTE Report

The problems in the education system are
only the tip of the iceberg.

The problems 
we see

Learning quality of ~130 million low-income children

Only 28% of children in grade 3 can perform subtraction; only 50% of the students in grade 2 can read grade 2 text.

Source: ASER 2018 Report

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Our Pathways To Impact

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Our Story

LFE began with a small team and an impactful realisation:
No single private enterprise or consortium could equitably empower 250 million school-going children with an excellent education, and therefore, it is critical to strengthen the existing public education system. Half a decade later, it is now a full-fledged organisation with a dedicated team and the same core purpose.


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Anu Aga

I've seen them grow through the years- I wish them all the success.

I remember recruiting the founding team to work with PMC schools a few years back, where they began their journey to improve government school systems. I do hope LFE truly succeeds and wish the team all the success for the future.

Former Member of Parliament
Chairperson- Thermax Foundation

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